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Over the last number of years, we've worked with countless Universities and Professional Sports Teams to provide them with the equipment needed to prepare their athletes for competition.

But we want you to experience Pendulum, too.

Our new Pendulum Performance line is the perfect solution for any gym that wants to help their members reach their goals.

3-Way Row

Training the upper back is a fundamental part of strength training. The muscles that make up what we refer to as the “back” are complex and perform a variety of movements in connection with the upper arms. The primary function is to pull the arms back from an extended position either down or in. 

To more precisely target different areas of the back, we have created a machine that emphasizes the three main hand positions, underhand, overhand, and neutral.

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Shoulder Press

This Shoulder Press is completely unique to the industry and makes overhead pressing possible to many who would otherwise not be able to perform this movement. The Shoulder Press allows the shoulder to function naturally. As you lift your arms upward, the arm begins to travel up and forward during the pressing movement. Being able to maintain this natural pressing position allows for continuous tension on the targeted musculature.

Power Squat

The Power Squat was designed to capture all the muscle stimulation of a free weight squat while minimizing the dangers and risks associated with this movement. Many individuals have great difficulties due to biomechanical weaknesses, injuries, irregular limb lengths, as well as hand, forearm, or casting issues that do not allow the grasping of a bar. The Power Squat is the solution.

The patented floating yoke allows lifters of all sizes and limb lengths to position their bodies into a biomechanically correct position. The floating yoke allows the lifter to place their feet where needed without the problem of falling forward from trying to balance the load.

Knees can stay in a healthy position without excessive strain and athletes can position themselves to minimize strain on the lower back.

Chest Press

The Chest Press was created to maximize the stimulation to the pectoral muscles, while minimizing the impact to the shoulder joint. We achieve this by creating a very unique strength curve that maintains tension on the chest, while simultaneously placing the body and its appendages in the perfect pressing position. The handles move independently, so balanced strength gains are achieved and weaknesses can quickly be corrected.

Hip Press

The Hip Press was designed to minimize spinal compression, reduce sheering forces on the knees and most critically, offer a safe and productive alternative to free weight squatting. The hip press is a completely unique leg press. With our engineered strength curves and our custom seat design, the hip and glute region are activated beyond that of a traditional leg press.

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